Front Page: Glocal in the work of C Y Frankel

This image is taken from a series titled Careful by a recent MA Photography graduate from Middlesex University, where I work. When he was studying, the university photography department had recently relocated to the Grove Building in Hendon, north west London. Frankel was living at home locally whilst studying. This work, Careful, has its roots both metaphorically and geographically in that area of London.


It is so local how could something so specific become more universal? Frankel submitted this series to a Lensculture Emerging Talent 2015, and was one of the award winners for that category which gave the work some online exposure and meant it was also exhibited. For him the best outcome was the online portfolio feedback session with an internationally connected photography specialist. Dialogue and feedback on projects and work is often the thing most photographers want. Submitting work to a void with no response leaves them with so many unanswered questions. Virtual platforms seem a new way to offer that global perspective, and Lensculture is a website keen to nurture and develop an online community for photographers.

Frankel flew on this platform with a sincere, questioning and quiet documentary series. As is often the case - it is not the work that shouts the loudest that has the greatest impact but the understated and the considered, perhaps the work that is ultimately more Careful.

This is an extract from a longer piece which I have developed for a paper I will be giving on 21st April at the National Photography Symposium. To find out more please go to: